And it’s nearly been a year.


It’s been a year ever since I have decided and prepared my means to move to Ireland. It’s been a year ever since I got a place to stay in for three months, without knowing where I’m going, and what awaits me. All I have seen and learned about Ireland was from the movies and TV shows, and boy was it a surprise to learn that this place is not even close to what it’s being portrayed as. Well, maybe it’s a little bit close. People do quite enjoy their alchohol and parties, that’s for sure.

But let’s get back on track and say a little bit about what I’ve been through. As expected, the year had it’s ups and downs. To start off I’ll say that when I first moved in, I moved in with the most amazing guys I could have ever met. Both of them are scientists, so conversations were always quite entertaining and educational. Though as we all know, all great things must come to an end evantually. And so did my stay with the two of them. After three months I had to move into a new place. It took me a while to find one – finding a room in Cork is a really challenging thing to do – but I managed. I moved into a house with two other couples and two girls. It was a really crouded place at the least. The room was small, and there was one kitchen and one bathroom, but the housemates were nice. Not as interesting as Eric and Rory (and hence I don’t even remember their names) but I lived through it. More importantly tho, I’ve met a girl. I actually met her a very long time ago, but it took nearly five months for us to even meet up. But once we did, we hit it off pretty fast. And now, few months later, we are living together and are really, really 29249224_10215298307272729_9059280023877320704_ohappy. We’re a great match. She’s a beautiful mulat girl from America. She also happens to be a writer, and that’s what actually got me rather interested in her in the first place. We also got a hamster! His name is Lord Pipsqueak. I’ll talk about him some other time.

Anyway, on the other note jobs have had their ups and downs. I got a job in a pawn store, but that only lasted a few months. After that I got hired in Spar ( that’s a local store ) but whilst working there I got offered a position as a CNC Engineer in a different company – and that’s what I’m doing right now.

For now that’s where I’m going to end the post. Hopefully I’ll be writing more in the nearby future. Until then, thank you very much for stopping by, and I hope you’ve had a wonderful year too!


Ambition is a powerful tool

And so I moved to Ireland!

I’m so excited I don’t even know where to start writing! So I’ll just go from the very beginning. About 23 years ago one young lad was born.. No, never mind I won’t go that far into the past. I’ll just go about three to four days into the past. I mean who cares about an entire life story of a blogger, am I right?

So it was Tuesday. My final full day in Croatia. I spent the day mostly hanging around with different family members, playing around with my dogs and niece and enjoyed my last – for a long time at least – proper meal that mom made. And I loved it. But hey it gets better.. Wednesday is right around the corner! So Wednesday came and so did my time to leave. I need to say – I have never flown before. This was my first time. I was so excited! I always considered myself to know a lot about planes, how they work, what happens in the air, how air affects the plane and so on and on. I’m quite a logical guy, and also love to know a lot about many different things so I have really thought I knew it all! Well I didn’t. 

Whilst I knew all the technical details, I never questioned about – what happens to the person inside of a plane? You see, I had always thought that the plane’s body was made in such a way so that we, humans, wouldn’t be affected by all the forces. Boy was I 20170531_141342wrong. Whilst the plane does isolate you from most of the forces lots of them are still there. And so you can feel every bit of your body sinking away with the plane’s turn. No matter how slight it is, you can feel every single bit of it. Turbulence was nothing scary. Landing was nothing scary. But those forces were quite sickening! Imagine being on an elevator but around twenty times worse.

20170531_133533Anyway, so I have arrived to London. Boy is that city beautiful from outside of the plane’s window! I didn’t have the chance to step out of the airport as this was my first flight so I had no idea what to do on the airports. So I decided not to go off of it. I stayed there for about four hours, walked around the Terminal 2, ate and watched the planes fly around, land and lift off. Needles to say, the first hour was fun and exciting but the other three were just boring. Luckily the airport gives free Wi-Fi to everyone, so at one point I decided to call my aunt Tea (Big shutout to the best aunt in the world!) who happily wasted an hour of her free time to talk to me.

And then I flew to Ireland. On the Irish plane I have met a lad named Paul who had made the flight really enjoyable. Thanks Paul! First impression upon landing was: I knew that Ireland was quite a cloudy country but damn! Comparing to London this was really 20170601_112405cloudy! The girl who’s room I have rented – Niamh – had asked her (and now mine) roommate Rory to pick me up, so the two of them had been waiting for me on the airport. On my first drive on the wrong side of the road I was terrified. Who had ever thought that driving in the left lane rather than the right one was a good idea?! I spent that night talking away with my roommates Rory and Eric who both happen to be scientists in different fields. All three of them – Rory, Eric and Niamh – are wonderful people who have all helped me in many amazing ways. Niamh had helped me achieve my dream by trusting me online and choosing me to be her tenant, and alongside that she had helped me gather all the things I have needed to get settled in. She’s a wonderful human! Rory and Eric have both been helping me out greatly by offering me adapters, telling me where to go into town, and where to apply for jobs. Once again, amazing people and wonderful to talk to.

The next day I went on a stroll around the city and was welcomed by the perfect Irish rainy weather. Their rain isn’t as strong as it is in Croatia, but it’s definitely more annoying! It is something I’ll get used to quickly tho, as I’ve seen that no one outside even minds the fact that it is raining. The city is beautiful. I really love it! And the fun fact is: there’s a pub or a tavern about twenty or so meters away from the previous one! Of course that isn’t true all the time, but there are a lot of taverns indeed. Anyway I think this post had been long enough so I’ll cut it here. If you managed to read it all, thank you a lot for your time! Do tell me if I should keep writing, or if I should just focus on photos in stead? Give me some ideas so I’d know what to work on.

Thank you a lot, and have a wonderful day!

“Will you miss your family?”

I’m moving to Ireland. Away from my family, from my friends. I am moving into the lands and the city, where I know absolutely no one. There is no one waiting for me. I don’t know what might happen at all. Yet I decided to go there. And so a new question forged up from that.. “Will you miss your family when you are there?” and “How do they feel about you moving there?”.

I’ve already moved far away from my family once. Not as far away as I’m moving now, but still far enough not to be able to communicate to them any way other than via Skype. So I kinda have an idea of what I am to expect. And I have a really big family, so I’ll have quite a few people to miss. And they will all miss me. But that won’t hold me back from doing something I’ve always dreamt of. I will go to Ireland, I will get my life sorted out over there, and then I will be able to visit them as often as I’d like. Or I could even arrange it for them to visit me. Either way it is not something that I would let hold me back.

They all knew that I’ll be moving away for a very long time now. I told them since day one that I’m not staying in Croatia for more than it is absolutely necessary. They all knew that I’ll be gone before they know it – and so they were prepared. Sure that doesn’t make it any way easier but it did give them the chance to accept the fact I’ll be moving out. So whilst my parents did tell me it will be really hard for them, they show nothing but full support and the “You got this!” pep talks.  I couldn’t ask for more supportive people, really.

And I think that everyone in the world should have the same thoughts about big things like this. If someone has a chance to improve their life, even if it includes a lot of struggling, and also a chance to fail, that person should still do his / her best. Their family should never be negative about it, in fact they should encourage them and help them any possible way they can. After all everyone should have the freedom to do what they want to do in their life, and no one should tell them otherwise. People should either accept someone else’s choice and support them any way they can, or not comment on it at all. No one needs negativity when they are making such a big move in their life.

That’s it for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed the read, and thank you for your time!

And so I made a new blog.

Hello everyone!

Lets see now.. The first post is always the most difficult. The first post should give you an insight of what my blog will be about, or where do I plan to take this blog in the nearby future, but all I can say is.. I have no clue. I had this idea of making just a photo blog, but I’m not much of a photographer. Sure, I really like taking photos and uploading them, showing some of my friends nice shots that I took but none of those are anything interesting or worth bragging about. So once I actually made the blog I decided to write some rather than just post photos. And now again I don’t know what direction this blog might head into.

But to start off I would like to say that – I am moving to Ireland. A few days from now – 31st of May to be more exact – I am finally doing something that I had been thinking and talking about for years. I have been looking forward to going there for so long that people around me started getting annoyed of my stories. People around me started thinking it is nothing but just words and plans, rather than me doing something about it, so now I’m proving them wrong. I’ve found myself an accommodation in one Irish city, where I’ll be staying for three months. I am going there with little amount of money, and a lot of “I can do!” spirit. Let’s hope that that will be enough to get me started.

In the past I’ve already done something similar. I went into a country that I knew nothing about. I didn’t speak their language either! All I had was one person I could trust, and a “Can do!” spirit. And I’ve succeeded. But I wasn’t happy. I wanted to go to Ireland. So now I’ve gathered up all of my savings, found myself a place and got myself a ticket. I don’t know what awaits me, but I do know that I’ll do my very best to fulfill my dream and actually stay there. Everyone always told me “Follow your dreams” so now I can finally tell them: I am.

Why Ireland? Ireland is beautiful. It is quite big, and it has all four seasons. Sure, the weather isn’t the best, but I’ll get used to it. Most importantly, almost everyone there speaks English as it is their native language! Whilst I am born in a country in which English is not a native language. In fact, if I didn’t have such a family in which I met a lot of different people, I wouldn’t ever even start learning English until I was 12. But, since I was one of lucky few I already spoke English really well when I was 8. Today, when I am 22, I dare say that my English is actually better than my native language – Croatian. Why? Because I actually speak English far more than I speak Croatian, or Czech!

To sum the post up – My name is Ivan. I am a 22 year old Croatian who’s moving to Ireland. What will this blog be about? I’m honestly not sure. Do I expect something big out of it? I’m hoping for it, but it’s not something that my life would depend on. I like sharing my thoughts and stories, and so I also like reading to people’s comments on those stories. So please, if you ever read something and want to comment on it about something, do it. You might be the reason why I keep writing this blog when I think that no one even reads it! All in all, I don’t know what will I make out of this blog.. But I do know that I’ll do my best about it. Thank you all for reading, and I hope you’ll enjoy my future content.