And so I made a new blog.

Hello everyone!

Lets see now.. The first post is always the most difficult. The first post should give you an insight of what my blog will be about, or where do I plan to take this blog in the nearby future, but all I can say is.. I have no clue. I had this idea of making just a photo blog, but I’m not much of a photographer. Sure, I really like taking photos and uploading them, showing some of my friends nice shots that I took but none of those are anything interesting or worth bragging about. So once I actually made the blog I decided to write some rather than just post photos. And now again I don’t know what direction this blog might head into.

But to start off I would like to say that – I am moving to Ireland. A few days from now – 31st of May to be more exact – I am finally doing something that I had been thinking and talking about for years. I have been looking forward to going there for so long that people around me started getting annoyed of my stories. People around me started thinking it is nothing but just words and plans, rather than me doing something about it, so now I’m proving them wrong. I’ve found myself an accommodation in one Irish city, where I’ll be staying for three months. I am going there with little amount of money, and a lot of “I can do!” spirit. Let’s hope that that will be enough to get me started.

In the past I’ve already done something similar. I went into a country that I knew nothing about. I didn’t speak their language either! All I had was one person I could trust, and a “Can do!” spirit. And I’ve succeeded. But I wasn’t happy. I wanted to go to Ireland. So now I’ve gathered up all of my savings, found myself a place and got myself a ticket. I don’t know what awaits me, but I do know that I’ll do my very best to fulfill my dream and actually stay there. Everyone always told me “Follow your dreams” so now I can finally tell them: I am.

Why Ireland? Ireland is beautiful. It is quite big, and it has all four seasons. Sure, the weather isn’t the best, but I’ll get used to it. Most importantly, almost everyone there speaks English as it is their native language! Whilst I am born in a country in which English is not a native language. In fact, if I didn’t have such a family in which I met a lot of different people, I wouldn’t ever even start learning English until I was 12. But, since I was one of lucky few I already spoke English really well when I was 8. Today, when I am 22, I dare say that my English is actually better than my native language – Croatian. Why? Because I actually speak English far more than I speak Croatian, or Czech!

To sum the post up – My name is Ivan. I am a 22 year old Croatian who’s moving to Ireland. What will this blog be about? I’m honestly not sure. Do I expect something big out of it? I’m hoping for it, but it’s not something that my life would depend on. I like sharing my thoughts and stories, and so I also like reading to people’s comments on those stories. So please, if you ever read something and want to comment on it about something, do it. You might be the reason why I keep writing this blog when I think that no one even reads it! All in all, I don’t know what will I make out of this blog.. But I do know that I’ll do my best about it. Thank you all for reading, and I hope you’ll enjoy my future content.


10 thoughts on “And so I made a new blog.

    1. Thank you very much for the positive feedback. Luckily this isn’t my first ever post. I used to be well known game reviewer so I know my way around blogs!
      I’ll definitely check your blog out. Thank you once again!

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  1. Make sure you say goodbyes to your doggos and families. Have contact with them, and since you don’t know anyone, be careful. Stay safe, and enjoy Ireland. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No problemo. Be safe and have fun. I’m glad you’re able to fulfill one of your dreams. Go go. I’ll always wait for your next update.

        And oh! You’re gonna travel, make sure you don’t forget anything, okai? ^*^

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      2. I will, don’t worry. I tried contacting you on Kik but you are inactive.. so we kinda lost all contact, unless you still use Line?


  2. Oh. I uninstalled both. Your fb account was disabled too. I’ll try to install either, but now, I guess I’ll read your blogs so I won’t be able to bother your Ireland trip. 🙂


    1. You never bothered. I’d love to be in touch. As you said my fb was locked out so that’s out of question..


      1. I reinstalled kik recently and am still waiting for you on it in case you return >-< hope you are doing okay!


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