“Will you miss your family?”

I’m moving to Ireland. Away from my family, from my friends. I am moving into the lands and the city, where I know absolutely no one. There is no one waiting for me. I don’t know what might happen at all. Yet I decided to go there. And so a new question forged up from that.. “Will you miss your family when you are there?” and “How do they feel about you moving there?”.

I’ve already moved far away from my family once. Not as far away as I’m moving now, but still far enough not to be able to communicate to them any way other than via Skype. So I kinda have an idea of what I am to expect. And I have a really big family, so I’ll have quite a few people to miss. And they will all miss me. But that won’t hold me back from doing something I’ve always dreamt of. I will go to Ireland, I will get my life sorted out over there, and then I will be able to visit them as often as I’d like. Or I could even arrange it for them to visit me. Either way it is not something that I would let hold me back.

They all knew that I’ll be moving away for a very long time now. I told them since day one that I’m not staying in Croatia for more than it is absolutely necessary. They all knew that I’ll be gone before they know it – and so they were prepared. Sure that doesn’t make it any way easier but it did give them the chance to accept the fact I’ll be moving out. So whilst my parents did tell me it will be really hard for them, they show nothing but full support and the “You got this!” pep talks.  I couldn’t ask for more supportive people, really.

And I think that everyone in the world should have the same thoughts about big things like this. If someone has a chance to improve their life, even if it includes a lot of struggling, and also a chance to fail, that person should still do his / her best. Their family should never be negative about it, in fact they should encourage them and help them any possible way they can. After all everyone should have the freedom to do what they want to do in their life, and no one should tell them otherwise. People should either accept someone else’s choice and support them any way they can, or not comment on it at all. No one needs negativity when they are making such a big move in their life.

That’s it for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed the read, and thank you for your time!


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