So you’re wondering who might the person behind the screen be? I’m really nothing special. Just a young male adult, in his early 20’s who’s trying to manage his life on this planet. I grew up in a country where not much was available. Traveling the world would be something only the rich could afford. So now I’m doing my best to change my life to the better and actually give myself the ability to travel. So far so good!

About me tho – I guess I’m a fun person to be around. I’m usually kind and I have a small group of friends whom I love spending my time with. Whilst living in Croatia I’ve been a Volunteer Firefighter. I love cycling – be it in the nature or on roads – and I also love a lot of geeky stuff such as PC video games, Magic The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons and many other things. I also love watching TV, movies and TV shows.

So yeah… Got any other questions? Feel free to ask!